Cannot receive messages when working from home

Dec 17, 2015 at 1:01 PM

alter authorization on database::[<your_SSB_DB>] to [sa];

The EXECUTE AS infrastructure requires dbo to map to a valid login. Service Broker uses the EXECUTE AS infrastructure to deliver the messages. A typical scenario that runs into this problem is a corporate laptop when working from home. You log in to the laptop using cached credentials, and you log in into the SQL using the same Windows cached credentials. You issue a CREATE DATABASE and the dbo gets mapped to your corporate domain account. However, the EXECUTE AS infrastructre cannot use the Windows cached accounts, it requires direct connectivity to the Active Directory. The maddeninf part is that things work fine the next day at office (your laptop is again in the corp network and can access to AD...). You go home in the evening, continue with LEsson 3... and all of the sudden it doesn't work anymore. Make the whole thing seem flimsy and unreliable. Is just the fact that AD conectivity is needed...

Another scenatio that leads to the same problem is caused by the fact that databases reteint the SID of their creator (the Windows login that issues the CREATE DATABASE) when restored or attached. If you used a local account PC1\Fred when you create the DB and then copy/attach the database to PC2, the account is invalid on PC2 (it is scoped to PC1, of course). Again, not much is affected but EXECUTE AS is, and this causes Service Broker to give the error you see.

And last example is when the DB is created by an user that later leaves the company and the AD account gets deleted. Seems like revenge from his part, but he's innocent. The production DB just stops working, simply because it's his SID that the dbo maps too. Fun...

By simply changing the dbo to sa login you fix this whole EXECUTE AS thing and all the moving parts that depend on it (and SSB is probably the biggest dependency) start working.

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