RecordChangedEventArgs<t> decimal or float data type seperator problem

SQL column setting[ Price decimal(16,6) ] sql record name Price Computer 1200,150000 mouse 9,450000 Change events RecordChangedEventArgs value n...

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Faulty UserWithMissingPermissionException throw if the user isn't 'db_owner'

Hey, The problem originates from the following line in the "CheckIfUserHasPermissions" function. The function throws on the first permission it checks "ALTER", but I know that the user have the ...

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ActivateDatabaseLoging property have no effect

There's an error in ActivateDatabaseLoging implementation - no matter the value of it the logs will still be written. When ActivateDatabaseLoging is set to true it calls RemoveLogOperations metod...

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UserWithMissingPermissionException even when permission is granted through nested roles

If a user is member of role A, and role A is member of role B, and role B grants a required permission, UserWithMissingPermissionException is thrown. (Handling levels of nested roles might not be...

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Unsupported decimal separator

Hello I encountered a problem with floating point values - the mechanism breaks when one of the column have fraction value. In my particular case the type of my data base column is float. On c#...

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Exception thrown when creating SqlTableDependency instance

I get the following exception: I cannot find any correspondence between defined ModelToTableMapper properties and database Table columns. Everything looks fine. Is there a way to check which co...

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Issue with Trigger used for notification

Why you use Transaction in trigger because if i get error from trigger than whole transaction will be roll back and insert,update or delete also fails because of triggers. can you please give so...

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Deadlink in ReadMe.txt

ReadMe.txt (nuget package) contains a dead link: ... Examples:

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How can we re-start SqlTableDependency safely without exception?

Because there's bulkupdate job in my code, I need to turn off SqlTableDependency for short while. When tested, my conclusion is that bulkupdate caused exception with SqlTableDependency. So, I ca...

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Get all update notifications

Hello, Thank you for the great library! As far as I understood from implementation, if a column is not specified in ModelToTableMapper mapper the trigger created will skip Update for that colum...

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