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This class it is used to monitor changed on a specific table. Every insert/update/delete operation done on the table, trigger an C# event, containing the values for the changed record.


SqlTableDependency implement the IDisposable interface to provides a mechanism for destroying database resources generated to receive table change notifications. To take advantage of that, use the using statement pattern.

SqlTableDependency implement the generic pattern allow you to delay the specification of the data type used to be filled in the the value for the changed record.

Note: When you use notifications, you must be sure to enable Service Broker for the database. To do that you can use the following command:



List of not managed columns.


Name Description
SqlTableDependency(string, string, ModelToTableMapper<T> = null, IEnumerable<string> = null, bool = true, string = null) Creates a new instance of the SqlTableDependency class, associates it with the connection string and table parameter.


Name Description
OnChange Occurs when a notification is received for any of the change done on the monitored table.
OnError Occurs when a exception is received during the listening stage.


Name Description
DataBaseObjectsNamingConvention Naming convention used to create all database objects used to receive notifications.
Status SqlTableDependency status.


Name Description
Start(int, int) Create database objects and start waiting for notifications.
Stop() Stop listen for notification and destroy database objects.

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