issue when running as a windows service

Apr 19 at 9:05 PM
Hi, i can make notifications work perfectly when i make a windows form program using VS2015.

When i make a program for windows services it errors (System.IO.FileNotFoundException-- is what is being reported in the windows application log). I am installing this service on windows server 2008R2

Any suggestions? I would like this program to run as a service on the server.
Apr 20 at 7:29 AM
Default working directory for any service is %WinDir%\System32 or %WinDir%\SysWow64 depending of system. Set your current directory If You are trying to read some files, or give the absolute path.
see here:
Apr 20 at 1:55 PM
the routine isn't looking for any file. As soon as i try to run this

"var mapper = new ModelToTableMapper<Status>();"

the service hangs and reports the System.IO.FileNotFoundException error to the application log.